Melding the Wisdom of the Past with the Energy of the Present


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You’re invited to discover the rich heritage of Haitian art

In Celebration of Haitian Heritage month, curator and collector Michele Gardere Frisch of Galerie Marassa presents her collection as a tribute to the 50 years of Saint Soleil,movement at Artistic Hub, Magic City in Miami, Florida.

Michèle’s Collection: A Bridge Between Eras
Michèle’s personal art collection is renowned for its depth and historical significance, featuring works from legendary and contemporary Haitian artists. This collection not only reflects the dynamic evolution of Haitian art but also serves as a cultural bridge, connecting historical narratives with contemporary expressions.
Why Engage with Michèle’s Exhibition?
Art collectors and professionals will find in Michèle’s exhibitions a unique opportunity to acquire significant works from a collection deeply rooted in the rich history and vibrant culture of Haiti. Her exhibitions offer a comprehensive view of Haitian art’s past, present, and future, providing enriching experiences that highlight the resilience and beauty of Haitian culture.



Celebrating 50 years of the Saint Soleil movement


We invite you to explore “Legacy in Continuum: Melding the Wisdom of the Past with the Energy of the Present,” a landmark exhibition curated by Michèle Gardère Frisch. This event, celebrating 50 years of the Saint Soleil movement, promises to be a highlight of Haitian Heritage Month in Miami, Florida, offering an unprecedented look at Haitian art through Michèle’s visionary lens.

Michèle Gardère Frisch remains a passionate advocate for Haitian art, inviting art lovers, collectors, and cultural enthusiasts to engage with her exhibitions and immerse themselves in the ongoing dialogue of Haitian artistic expression. Join us to experience the legacy and vibrant future of Haitian art.


Opening Times

VIP / Vernissage (Invitation Only): Thursday May 23rd 5pm to 10pm

Public Openings: Friday May 24th: 5pm to 10pm (Grand Opening)
Saturday May 25th: 1pm to 7pm

By Appointment

The week following the Opening Times,
viewings will be available by appointment.


Magic City Innovation District, Artistic Hub
6161 NE 3rd Ave Suite 3,
Miami, FL 33137

50 Years of

Saint Soleil Movement



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